As technology executives well known, running software, hardware and technology service business requires long-term vision and adaptability. We have worked with clients in computer software and hardware, semiconductors, IT Services, storage, components and peripheral sectors. Indus-Group cross-sector expertise and global insights help technology companies compete and thrive in an industry where innovation is both an opportunity and a threat.

Market Leaders

Market leaders think through how acquisitions, adjacency moves, refined customer segmentation, improved sales force effectiveness, streamlined R&D Process, strategic outsourcing and cost reduction efforts can help them or maintain, or even increase, their advantage.

Companies hit a

Companies that have a hit find defensible niches, overhaul their cost structure, think through and execute potential changes in capital structure.





Private Equity

Companies align strategic imperatives with their new owners, develop and implement plans to improve operational performance.
Indus-Group works with leading technology companies to build strategic plans that address the industry challenges, such as how technical and business model innovations shape the growth of company's core business.


They continue their trajectory by helping them to scale their organizations and processes to the increased complexity of their market participation.

Few industries are as demanding as transportation services. Indus-Groups helps transportations and logistics companies take swift and decisive decision in the face of unforgiving timetables, complex pricing decisions and volatile fuel costs.

Our Clients include global leaders in transportations and logistics, including global airlines, express, parcel and post companies, trucking companies, third-party logistics providers, railways, port operators, ocean shippers and distributors. We bring our deep experience in these areas to every engagement, and we ensure that when we leave, our clients are equipped with the tools and capabilities they need to continue to improve and grow.

Airlines: The performance of our airline clients has out spaced. Our air transportation practice has deep expertise and a broad understanding of today's industry challenges.

Passenger Transportation: Indus-Group has completed hundreds of projects to improve performance of passenger transportation companies.

Freight & Logistics: Our experience in this highly fragmented industry is both broad and deep: We work with companies involved with express, parcel and postal services, trucking, third-party logistics, rail, transport infrastructure, ocean shipping and distribution to address their unique challenges and find opportunities for growth and superior performance.

Indus-Group advise the clients on:

-----> Corporate and business unit growth strategy

-----> Performance and improvement, including supply chain management

-----> Organization

-----> Information technology

-----> Customer Strategy, including marketing and pricing

-----> Results delivery

The challenge for all telecommunication companies is choosing where and how to participate in evolving markets, or eco systems while ensuring that their core business are operating at full potential. Indus-Group helps telecom clients around the world enter new markets, defend existing ones, improve performance, control costs and profitably invest resources.

Indus-Group is one of the world's leading consulting firms for the telecommunications industry. Our clients include the leading global telecom service companies and communication equipment suppliers

Companies that choose Indus-Group value our role as their trusted advisor. Our projects have focused on result oriented strategies in the following areas:

---> Customer retention and customer segmentation

---> Growth

---> Cost reduction

---> Innovation

---> Improving decision effectiveness

---> Complexity reduction

---> Mergers and acquisition

---> Pricing policies

---> Supply chain management

Indus-Group helps leading telecommunication companies make strategic decisions about where to play in the future ecosystem, how to benefit from new content delivery models such as over-the-top video and new opportunities to monetize broadband, and how to partner with media and technology players to increase revenue pools.

As boundaries between telecommunications, technology and media markets to continue to fade, so Indus-Group brings the expertise of IT technology and media practices to our telecommunication clients.

Health Care

Health-care companies face dramatic changes in customer behavior, market dynamics and regulatory demands. Indus-group works with health care companies to deliver better value for patients, fuel innovation and reduce the cost and complexity of operating systems. Our pharmaceutical, med-tech and payers and delivery systems teams bring diverse and deep experience to every-health care management team.

Oil & Gas

Indus-Group & Gas practice serves all areas of industry: we advise government and national oil companies, major and independent commercial oil companies, petrochemical producers, renewable energy companies, oil field service firms, private equity investors and sovereign wealth funds. Our motivated teams of oil & gas experts combine global experience and insight to unlock significant value for clients.

Financial Services

From banking and insurance to wealth management and securities distribution, Indus-Group has dedicated financial service team serving all major areas of financial service industry. We work with leading institutions in banking and sector in all major areas including:
---> Retail banking
---> Private banking
---> Wealth Management
---> Transaction banking
---> Asset Management
---> Life & Property Insurance
---> Health Insurance
---> Reinsurance
---> Clients & capital market business
---> Stock Markets


Insurers around the world need to plan for new regulatory and competitive challenges. Indus-Group works with clients to prepare for the changing landscapes by developing the right strategies and implementing them quickly and efficiently. Any life, property and causality, or private health insurer that operates markets are a significant presence will need to conform or adapt to society's provisions. We work with life and property and causality insurers to:
---> Revamp product lines
---> Reduce back office costs
---> Upgrade IT systems
---> Build more effective organizations